New Gatsby Expansion is the Perfect Place for Your Corporate Retreat

Since October, we’ve been constructing a spacious four bedroom, two bath Grand Bungalow that makes High Hill Farm more inviting than ever for large groups. We’re pretty excited about the possibilities our new Gatsby Bungalow brings. If you’re planning a girl’s weekend, there’s plenty of room for a big group of friends. If large family groups need lodging to attend your outdoor event, they’ll love our expanded accommodations. In addition to our existing seven bungalows and barn suite, the new Gatsby expansion is the perfect place for your next corporate retreat.

Gatsby Bungalow = Luxury Accommodations for Your Corporate Retreat

Since we opened we’ve been a top destination for Dallas and Tyler, Longview and Central Texas business retreats. We’re just 90 minutes from the Metroplex area and a short drive from Tyler and Longview with meeting spaces to accommodate your office retreat plans. Your conference might look something like this:

Day 1

Employees and executives arrive and settle into spacious rooms, each with their own queen-sized bed and DirecTV television. If you have planned sessions, get started in Gatsby’s common space or one of our larger meeting areas.

Take time to visit the scenic vineyards or unwind by the reflection pool before your group gathers in the restaurant Côte. Celebrate your company’s success with seasonally prepared food by Executive Chef John Novak.

One of the main benefits of corporate retreats is relationship building. When you remove the deadlines and pressure, employees and executives are free to be themselves. At High Hill Farm, there’s something about the land itself that seeps into your bones.

Nature’s beauty melts barriers. You’ll find teams feel free to open up, to interact with people outside their department and to receive a fresh perspective.

Don’t be surprised if they report after good food, good conversation and beautiful scenery they sleep better than they have in a long time. The luxury sheets, oversized comforters and simple, timeless decor in each of Gatsby’s rooms don’t hurt either.

Day 2

We’ll deliver a continental breakfast to your bungalow, or you can arrange a hot breakfast for your group at an additional charge. Encourage your group’s early risers to catch one of the spectacular sunrises or take an early morning stroll on our hiking trails.

From there, we have a variety of spaces to help meet your corporate retreat goals. Smaller office groups have ample room in the Gatsby Bungalow. The common space has couches and a dining table and chairs for discussion and brainstorming sessions. The screened porch provides outdoor seating and breathtaking wooded views.

If you have formal, scheduled workshops or a speaker we have well-appointed meeting areas for groups. If your focus is team-building and relaxation, here are just a few of your available options:

  • Skeet shooting — We’ll transport your group through the woods to the area we have set aside in the forest. Groups always enjoy the friendly competition as they aim shotguns at the clay targets our stations fling into the air. Your group’s guide is available to help team members new to skeet shooting. We provide a box lunch, trail snacks and shooting clays. Groups often find themselves firing ideas and innovation more powerful than any shotgun.
  • Obstacle course — challenge individuals or teams to complete the course with the best time. Relate that to how groups overcome obstacles in the workplace.
  • Bocce ball — This Italian lawn bowling game can be enjoyed by people of all age and skill levels. It’s a great team game, just split your group into an even number of players and let the fun begin. Then, take that laid-back strategizing to Monday morning meetings.

Even More Options

Follow your strategy sessions with a game of horseshoes or roast S’mores over an open fire. Guests can also take a dip in the pool or use any unstructured time to unwind with a Grace Spa experience.

Wrap up your corporate retreat by gathering at our outdoor area near the pool to unpack what you’ve gained. Reflect on the relationships you’ve built and brainstorm for the weeks and months ahead. Then take that fresh energy back to your workplace, no matter where you return in Texas.

We love to find ways to accommodate special requests. Just let us know how we can help.

5 Benefits You’ll Experience

A retreat is good for your business for several reasons. Your group works hard every day. We help teams take a step back and recharge. Business owners and retreat attendees tell us they experience the following lasting benefits:

  • Communication that is more open and supportive – It feels natural to congratulate a co-worker on a great shot or skillful gameplay. When teams return to the office, they often provide the same type of positive input for innovative ideas or a job well done.
  • Stronger team bonds – Your group spends time together every day, but there’s something powerful about sharing living space. Co-workers get to know each other better when they eat, sleep and relax in the same area. They discover common interests they didn’t know existed.
  • The discovery of new skills and capabilities – Leaders and administrators might not be the ones who are strongest at skeet shooting or bocce ball. You might find your group includes an incredible chef or an avid hiker. When your staff steps outside their traditional roles, they reveal what they’re really capable of.
  • Renewed ability to work together toward goals – Departmental lines blur during time away. Employees are more willing to share industry knowledge and collaborate.
  • Teams encourage and nurture diversity – When employees set aside their preconceived ideas of each other, transparency results. Individual differences stand out as strengths.
  • Improved productivity – After meaningful conversation, staff feels heard. They also realize your investment in a corporate retreat is an investment in them. They are more likely to feel rewarded and appreciated, which leads to fresh employee engagement.

Corporate Retreats for Larger Groups

If your office conference involves more people than will comfortably fit in our Gatsby Bungalow, The Barn sleeps up to eight additional people and has an oversized common space just perfect for gathering. Now, High Hill Farm can host corporate retreats of up to 30 people. With so much to gain, why not treat your employees to a corporate retreat? Find out more about the Gatsby Bungalow when you get in touch today.





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Sharon and Jason Ramano have collected experiences firsthand living in the Dallas area and traveling to luxury destinations around the world. Their travels have taught them the high standards necessary for guests to truly escape. That is why they have curated High Hill Farm to be an award-winning resort with laid-back luxury accommodations designed for focus, connection, and restoration.

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